Melbourne Birthday Parties – where to start?

Organising a birthday party can be a very stressful experience and can sometimes lead to the parents not enjoying their child’s birthday. What we are about at Birthday Party Melbourne is providing ideas and solutions to help you put on the most amazing party ever.

There are many considerations that need to be thought through when planning your birthday party. The keys things to keep in mind are venue, food, entertainment and party bags.

Venue – this should be a pretty easy decision. Can I handle having 20 to 30 children running around the home on a sugar high? If you have a rumpus room or fantastic living area, the family home can be a great venue for a party. Otherwise if you don’t like the thought of having the terrors running around the home, maybe the local football or cricket club may have rooms for hire. Quite often kindergartens and schools will have halls for hire also. Put up a few balloons and you’re ready to party!

Food – it’s hard to go past the staple of most parties, sausage rolls and party pies, but for something different you could try homemade. If you would like to try a healthier option nice sandwiches or sushi could be an option. One thing to be very careful about is allergies, make sure none of the quests are allergic to nuts or anything else for that matter.

Entertainment – the key to entertainment, is to find a theme or activity that makes those little terrors captivated and out of your hands! Organising the party can take a lot of work, so if you can minimise what you need to do on the actual day, all the better. There are many many options when it comes to arranging a party, themes such as super heroes, magicians, ballerinas, and fairies are all very popular. But you still need to find activities for the children to do on the actual day.

Party bags – kids love party bags. Reptile Encounters can provide party bags for your reptile party. They will include a range of activities, stickers and toys for kids to enjoy.