The key to kids party entertainment is to find a theme or activity that makes those little terrors captivated and out of your hands! Organising the party can take a lot of work, so if you can minimise what you need to do on the actual day, all the better. There are many many options when it comes to arranging a party, themes such as super heroes, magicians, ballerinas, and fairies are all very popular. But you still need to find activities for the children to do on the actual day.

One form of kids birthday entertainment that has really taken off in recent years is a reptile party. The reason for their popularity is that not only do the children have a ball of a time but the adults do too. The programs are educational and the children learn all about where the critters live, what they eat and more! In Melbourne, there are a few companies that provide reptile parties. The most reputable, with friendly reliable handlers and a great range of animals is Reptile Encounters.