Food and Drink

For The Kids
Water – In this day and age, diabetes and other diseases are rising like crazy! So giving the children plenty of water is important.
DIY water: turn on the top or

Soft Drink – I think we will look back in 20 years time and see coke, fanta and other “fizzy drinks” as avoidable and something that will not be consumed much at all. That being said, in moderation it doesn’t have really serious effects and is a nice treat for a birthday.
DIY soft drink:

Smoothies – A much healthier option and great to get kids enjoying. Blend up a tonne of fruit including berries, bananas, spinach, pineapple and you will have a sweet tasting drink that’s good for you! Cinnamon can sweeten the deal if you think it’s a bit bland for the kiddies.
DIY smoothies:

For The Adults
Coffee – As children can be draining, finding more energy is important for adults at a party. That’s where coffee comes in. Not only does it give you a great energy boost but also helps jolt your mind, so you can focus on supervision and organisation. Having an automatic machine can help you make high quality coffee quickly, and when you’re looking after a big group of kids, time is of the essence.
DIY coffees:

Beer – When you’re dealing with lots of kids (or not having to deal with them because they are preoccupied, beer is a great drink to help you forget your troubles…i mean children!
DIY beers: just buy a slab mate!

Cocktail caravan – Just because it’s a kids party doesn’t mean you can’t have something special too. Olive & Harry have a vintage cocktail caravan which can serve you drinks throughout the function. They work in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. You could also serve the children’s drinks through the caravan too, and it makes a great centrepiece for the party.

Wine – As above, perfect for relaxing, and taking your mind off things. It can be a great idea to hold a dinner party while the kids party is on, so you can still socialise while the kids do.