Party Guests

Why not add animals to the guest list??

Children are always fascinated by animals, and they make a perfect addition to any birthday party. The beauty about having native animals and reptiles is that not only do the kids have a ball, but the adults will also be entertained and even learn a thing or two. Reptiles in particular are sure to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing, it’s a natural rush!

What animals can you expect to see at a reptile party? Insects are a definite hit with the kids, some of the insects that can visit your party are over 20 centimetres in length, and they are enormous. They are very fascinating and completely safe for the children to touch and learn about. The kids will even be able to have them walk all over their arms. Frogs are another crowd pleaser, the cute and quirky green tree frogs get the crowd going ooh and aah. They have some interesting habits to say the least.

By far the favourite in the animal department are the reptiles. Kids seem to have a real connection to reptiles, whether it their resemblance to the dinosaurs or just the excitement that they bring! Kids will get to laugh at a lizard, slither like a snake and smile at a crocodile, what a way to cap off a brilliant party.

Children are encouraged to touch all of the animals and even hold them on their very own. Parents will usually be seen at the back of the room avoiding eye contact and snapping away like the paparazzi. Smiles and cheers will fill the room. The birthday child or ranger for the day will be made to feel like they are extra special.